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Blue Mermaid Tail

Blue Mermaid Tail 29 Reviews ( 4.7 )


It’s blue, it’s beautiful, it’s a dream come true! If your little girl wants to be “part of that world” underwater, surprise and delight her with this sparkling blue mermaid tail. This item is shown with our "simple top."
Sweet, stretchy, and easy to wear, this mesmerizing mermaid tail makes effortless Halloweens, oceanic birthdays, and enjoyable bath times easy to ensure.

The brilliant blue mermaid tail is made of a stretchy spandex for a snug, comfortable fit. The flipper is stiffened with soft, flexible foam to keep her fins perky, with a pocket cut in for the feet.

It’s bathtub-friendly, designed to be worn in the water. However, this costume isn’t intended for pool use; repeated use in chlorine could fade the fabric, and less confident swimmers may find it difficult to manage with their feet held by the fin. At the very least, always supervise your child when she wears this costume. 

This handmade costume will grow with her as she plays in it, since the spandex has enough give to accommodate several sizes. The top is unfinished and I reinforce the side seams, so if necessary, you can even cut it shorter for a younger sibling’s use and it won’t unravel!

Children’s mermaid costumes can be hand-washed and air-dried. I find it works best to hang the tail fin-side up with a piece of flat plastic inserted into the foam fin so it won’t stick together while drying. 
TOP IS NOT INCLUDED with this purchase-please choose from two styles in my shop.  You can select either the seashell or simple top by clicking here:

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Blue Mermaid Tail
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  • Blue Mermaid Tail