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More Happy Mermaids :)

Bought this for my little sister and she loved it~! said it was the best gift EVER, which to me is pretty big coming from an 8 year old. i was surprised to find that the tail was gift wrapped and came with a matching... Read more

More Reviews and Feedback!

I've been so busy, I haven't done a great job keeping up with our customer feedback posts!  We have thousands of satisfied buyers.  Here is what a few had to say: "the little mermaid, my oldest granddaughters' birthday present finally finished. I printed this on... Read more

We Love Photographers!

 One of the coolest things about being in the mermaid tail business has been meeting other creative types- I'm constantly impressed with what I see.  I'd like to feature some of the work that has caught my eye this year with you.  Maybe you'd like... Read more

From Barbara, Okalahoma City

  "I googled Mermaid Tail and saw a selection of choices but I was really drawn to the Applejack Apparel.  It was certainly a good choice.  The material is awesome, I chose a beautifully purplish fish scale appearing costume.  The tail part is very detailed... Read more

An International Customer is Happy!

 "SUPERRRR! Arrived very quickly and my little girl just loves it! Will definitely order again!" You are so very welcome!  This is the outfit that made it to Belgium in under 10 days. (It's not the one in the picture, but it was an "Ariel... Read more

More reviews!

 "Kaycee is beyond talented and unmatched in customer service. I bought a green tail for my 5 year old daughter and she LIVES in it. It is great quality and more fun than you can imagine. Thank you Kaycee for such an awesome product and... Read more

Etsy Reviews

 I wanted to share some of the reviews I've received on Etsy here- right now I have 33, 100% positive! I'm proud of this- I really strive to make everyone I do business with happy they came to Applejack Apparel. Please email me if you'd... Read more