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Applejack Apparel- a little about us.


As the mom to two rambunctious, adorable kids, I’ve made total use of my love for sewing clothes that are cute, comfortable, and most importantly, FUN to wear!

In addition to being a mother and a maker of mermaids, I’m also a special ed teacher and a former Yooper, and I think that kids will be adults soon enough – so why not indulge their imaginations while childhood lasts!

My daughter Nina is my inspiration for the girly things I craft … and soon, I hope to start adding cute stuff for boys, like my son Jack, out of sheer guilt. 

It was Nina, my little H2O lover, who first asked for a mermaid tail, and I still use an improved version of that first tail to design and sew the children’s mermaid costumes available in my shop.

My mom does the bulk of the sewing, and my good friend Alexis ensures your questions get answered quickly.

I hope my items make your little ones ridiculously happy, and play a part in some beautiful memories.

Happy swimming!

-Kaycee Militante, Owner 

Applejack Apparel

Me and my giggle boxes :)