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Tail FAQ's


Q: Can they walk in it?
A: Yes we offer an add on customization-walking kit for an additional $10.00 and Instead of having a sealed bottom, this tail is finished so it can be hiked up for walking, or fastened closed with a strip of Velcro.  Please note that it is still a bit tight on the upper legs, and that the bottom is sealed only in the middle.  If she pokes her feet down too far the fin might have gaps on the sides, so it takes a bit of practice to pull off the perfect mermaid look.  This is available on our regular tails and the one piece!
Q: Can they swim in it?
A:  I designed this tail for my daughter to use in the bathtub- or in a kiddie pool.  Here's my concern:  while it's totally fine to get wet, it does not have a swim fin that aids swimming, like some other mermaid tails on the market.  The flipper is just stiff enough to hold its shape outside of water, and kind of just drags around when submerged.  It's meant to be a lower-cost (and super cute) alternative to high end "swimmable mermaid tails" on the market , and I worry about the safety of putting a little one in the pool in an outfit that restricts her ability to kick her legs and move around.  So yes it can get wet but we do not recommend swimming in it.  If you let her splash around, please supervise her really carefully!  Use in chlorinated water or on rough surfaces not recommended, as it damages the fabric.
Q: What size should I order?
A:  For an accurate fit, please refer to our sizing guide.
Don't know for sure? The fit is pretty forgiving, so you can probably guess by pants size or age. If you want to consult with us, we'll be happy to make a suggestion.
Q: Do you make adult or baby sizes?
A:  Yes!  We have standard sizes listed but can also make a custom order for you!  Please don't wait till the last minute!  Email me at kaycee@applejackapparel.com and we can work out the details.  Please understand that custom orders could take more time to create and to ship.
Q: Do you make any other colors?
A: Not right now... We carry Pink, Silver, Green, Gold and Blue.  
Q: Can I get one in a hurry?
A: Almost always.  We make most tails to order, but have a fast turnaround time- usually under 48 hours (at times, under 24!!)  We ship with Priority Mail, which takes 2-3 days to arrive in the U.S.  International orders usually come in 14 days but can take up to a month in certain areas.  We can sometimes expedite with Priority Mail International for an additional fee (usually around $20, depending on your location.)  
When we are running low on a color or anticipate delays, listings are updated to tell you what to expect.  
Q: Hey!  I got a tracking number, but there is no information about my package?  Where is it?  When will it be here?
A:  It's coming! I promise!  We generate your shipping label and it automatically sends you an email with your tracking information. This often happens at night, and the mail doesn't get picked up until the morning.  Most of our tails ship from a rather rural location, and it might take some time for the package to enter the "system" and be scanned on that first day.  So please don't panic if there is no information the morning after you get your tracking number.  You should see some updates within 24 hours of receiving the email.  If not, contact me and I'll check up on it for you.
Q: What will damage this thing?
A:  I stand by the quality of our products, which are made by hand of high quality materials.  But it's a costume, and it can be damaged, so take note- these are things to avoid:
 The material is Spandex, which is prone to snagging on a rough surface.  Rubbing it on concrete will likely scuff it a bit, and you'll lose some sparkle.  The material itself is going to hold together (better than say, a pair of nylons...) But if your mermaid wears it on some rough rocks or other surface, tell her not to wiggle too much.
The tail is made to be durable- but the foam is stitched into the fabric, and it can tear if it is pushed past its limits.  Lots of hopping has been known to do this (and it makes me nervous, since I'm afraid they'll fall) so please ask your mermaid to refrain from hopping or kicking her feet at the foam.  It is made to make a "pocket" for her feet, and if they are placed correctly when she puts the tail on, it will hold up very well.
Foam doesn't like your washer or your dryer.  I'm afraid it has to be cleaned up the old-fashioned way.  To aide in drying, you can stick a plastic toy between the two layers of foam, and it will help improve the air circulation.
Obviously, any synthetic material should be kept away from fire.  So- no campfire songs in this costume!
I am sure there are other dangers out there I'm not aware of yet- and I'm sure I'll add to this list some time...
Q:  I love it!!!!  Augh- is the stitching coming undone at the top???!  What's with the sideways seams near the waist?
A:  Your tail is probably fine!  We leave the top unfinished, and it won't fray.  Those sideways seams are reinforcements in case you want to trim it to fit a more petite mermaid.  There are two on each tail- one very near the top and one a few inches down.  You can email me if you have questions- photos of any questionable part are enormously helpful.
Q:  I received my tail, and there is a manufacturing defect (a hole in a seam or other issue, and I swear it was that way when I got it.)  Can you exchange it?
A:  If there is something wrong and it was our fault, we will replace it right away.  All our items are hand sewn, and we take great care and pride in them, but we do unfortunately miss something. We might ask for photos to see what is going on. Again, if it isn't in its original condition, we won't accept a return or exchange.

Care Instructions:
Our tails are designed with water in mind.  They are made of a Spandex swimsuit material and a soft, flexible foam.  With proper care, your purchase should be very durable and provide a lot of fun.
To clean:
hand wash in mild detergent, hang to dry.  Prop fin open with something small to improve air circulation for drying (I've used half a plastic Easter egg.  Any plastic works well.)